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Tony's on Ridge
2680 W. Ridge Rd, Rochester NY
Homemade egg muffins - $1 each
Absolutely delicious bite size snack! Egg, cheddar jack cheese, sausage and onions. Served with a side of siracha
Tony's on Ridge Breakfast Menu 
Deep fried french toast sticks (4) - $5.99
Served with a side of maple syrup 
Fried dough bites - $3.49
Bite size fried dough dusted with confectionery and cinnamon sugar. 
Coming soon!!!! 6am-10am
Breakfast Wraps - $7.99
Spicy Breakfast wrap 

Egg with a hint of our famous nuke seasoning, onions, sweet peppers, sausage and cheddar jack cheese. Lightly drizzled with sriracha. 

Southwest wrap

Egg, onions. Sweet peppers, salsa, cheddar jack cheese, mushrooms and chopped jalapeno

Bacon home fries wrap

Egg, home fries, bacon, salsa, cheddar jack cheese and onions

Homestyle breakfast wrap

Egg, onion, sweet peppers, cheddar jack cheese and sausage

Egg sandwich - $4.99
Egg, American cheese and your choice of sausage or ham
Tony's Breakfast plate - $8.99
2 eggs and includes your choice of 2 sides: corned beef hash, home fries, our famous mac salad and french fries. Top it off with any condiments of your choice and in house made meat hot sauce for no extra charge
Breakfast Pizza - Medium $16.99 Large $19.99
Scrambled egg, mozzarella, cheddar jack cheese, sausage, bacon and sweet peppers
Wings (10) - $9.99

Maple glazed with a hint of spice. A delicious combination of sweet, spicy and smoky maple flavor
Breakfast Quesadilla - $8.99
Egg, cheddar jack cheese, bacon, onions and tomato in a grilled tortilla. Served with salsa
Soft drinks (Pepsi Products)  
20oz $2.00      2 liter $2.95

Gatorade and water – $2.00

Monster/Red bull – $3.00

Coffee – $2.00